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My work is about the rhythm, patterns and chance occurrences of the everyday. I am interested in how both repetition and the unpredictable interventions that constantly occur in life impact our experience. Nothing we do is exactly repeated because no moment is ever the same.


My work is a combination of working repetitively with materials, shapes, colors and actions. I begin with a loose idea of what I want to make and then intuitively build and construct. I make two and three dimensional objects that have the possibility to be viewed, placed or experienced in multiple and sometimes infinite ways.


The objects I make are evidence of unseen forces at play and living in the moment. They are imperfect, ambiguous forms that combine references to the physical world with the ethereal -- the mysterious force that pulls and pushes.


Whether it be possessions, thoughts, memories, perceptions and time, I think a lot about what we accumulate over the course of our lives and the weight of this on our psyches. Some of my work is about rejecting accumulation. That work is spare and pairs down the form to its essence. Other times I embrace it by amassing pieces or marks to build an object or picture.


I have lived in big cities all my life and architecture has played an important role in my creative development. Inspired by the built world, much of my work is made using construction materials such as roofing paper, house paint, wood and metal.

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